Self-healing mailbox?

Sebastian Hagedorn Hagedorn at
Tue Jun 2 03:49:26 EDT 2009

--On 31. Mai 2009 22:41:52 +1000 Bron Gondwana <brong at> wrote:

>> I interpret the "System I/O error" to be the IOERROR from the line
>> before, i.e. not actually an I/O error but rather a corrupt file. The
>> error does not show on any of the previous days, nor does it show today.
> Sounds to me like it was copying the record to the cyrus.expunge.NEW
> file each time for the earlier days (and failing, so skipping the
> entire mailbox), but now the record has actually expired, so it
> doesn't need to copy the cache record to the cyrus.cache.NEW file,
> and hence never looks at it.
> Meaning: yes, it did heal itself!

Thanks for the explanation!
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