service imap pid nnnn in BUSY state: terminated abnormally

Simon Matter simon.matter at
Mon Jun 1 10:33:25 EDT 2009

>    I sent this last Friday but it never appeared (and I did not get any
> non-delivery report), so I'm trying again.
>    I am attempting to upgrade a Cyrus Murder from 2.3.12p2 to 2.3.14.  The
> mupdate and backend servers are happy at 2.3.14, but on the frontends
> while
> I can login successfully, attempting to select a folder fails with
> messages
> like
> May 29 12:13:59 kil-imap-13 master[15558]: process 15584 exited, signaled
> to
> death by 11
> May 29 12:13:59 kil-imap-13 master[15558]: service imap pid 15584 in BUSY
> state: terminated abnormally

I'm not sure that could be related but there is a bug in 2.3.14 which can
result in unexpected behaviour. It may be unrelated but you better check
it out:

> This is on Red Hat Linux 5 (2.6.18-128.1.6.el5PAE kernel).
> I have not found anything in the Cyrus mailing list archive that looks
> like
> this.  A Google search did find a similar problem from just a couple of
> weeks
> ago with a Debian installation which was attributed to "packages
> sasl2-bin,
> libsasl2-2 and libsasl2-modules".
> I am using the Red Hat SASL RPMs, version 2.1.22-4 which appears to be the
> latest.  This has worked so far, so I have not installed SASL from Cyrus
> itself.  The Cyrus SASL 2.1.23 announcement only talks about a "potential"
> buffer overflow which suggests to me that the change there is not relevant

>From what I know the sasl rpms from RHEL5 are fine. I don't remember
anyone having problem with them.


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