Doing Cyrus *right* for a large installation

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Thu Jan 15 15:08:24 EST 2009

On Thu, 15 Jan 2009, Rudy Gevaert wrote:

> Andrew Morgan wrote:
>> For those of you running large installations, how do you back them up?
> We have 7 backends:
>                       400G  320G   81G  80% /mail/mail1
>                       400G  273G  128G  69% /mail/mail2
>                       450G  390G   61G  87% /mail/mail3
>                       400G  322G   79G  81% /mail/mail4
>                       400G  270G  131G  68% /mail/mail5
>                       450G  397G   54G  89% /mail/mail6
>                        50G  4.8G   46G  10% /mail/mail7
> For mail1-6 incremental backup time takes between 2h and 7h, we suspect
> a storage (misconfiguration) issue.
> Fulls take a lot longer, but I can't give you any time estimates now.

Our incrementals take about 2 hours (both backends are done at the same 
time).  Our fulls take an entire day, but we only do fulls once a month. 
I'm hoping that using smaller partitions will let us do backups in shorter 
times, assuming we stay with tape-backups.

> For the moment we don't backup the replica's.  Nor use them.  But we
> could do it.

So you are using Cyrus Murder with replication?  How does that work?

> We are 'planning' a storage migration too the coming months.

I'm curious what storage hardware you are exploring.  What are you using 
now for your 7 backends?


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