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On 01/09/2009 12:59 AM, Bron Gondwana wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 08, 2009 at 10:13:25PM -0800, Robert Banz wrote:
>>> There's a significant upfront cost to learning a whole new system
>>> for one killer feature, especially if it comes along with signifiant
>>> regressions in lots of other features (like a non-sucky userland
>>> out of the box).
>> The "non-sucky" userland comment is simply a matter of preference, and  
>> bait for a religious war, which I'm not going to bite.
> Well, yeah.  Point.  Though most Solaris admins I know tend to pull in
> gnu or bsd utilities pretty quickly.  I'll take that one back, it was
> baity.
So at the risk of entering into a flame war, I must say I am surprised 
that no one has mentioned Nexenta/OS.
They have bolted the Ubuntu/Debian userland onto OpenSolaris to give the 
Linux lovers out there a linuxy experience with access to all of that 
shiny new Solaris bling, such as zfs and dtrace.  You may want to give 
it a look-see.

>> Patching is always an issue on any OS, and you do have the choice of  
>> running X applications remotely (booting an entire graphic  
>> environment!?), and many other tools available such as pca to help you  
>> patch on Solaris, which provide many of the features that you're used  
>> to.
> <SNIP>
> And I'm seeing there are quite a few third party tools that people have
> written to ease the pain of patch management on Solaris (I believe it's
> actually one of the nicer unixes to manage patches on, but when you're
> used to apt-get, there's a whole world of WTFery in manually downloading
> and applying patch sets - especially when you get permission denied on
> a bunch of things that the tool has just suggested as being missing)
Oh yeah, apt-get included.


PS - This has been a very interesting thread to read.  Some of us just 
don't have the exposure to large systems like the participants in this 
thread have, and this can be very educational.

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