GSSAPI authentication ceased working

Lars Hanke lars at
Wed Jan 7 19:43:28 EST 2009

Hi Michael,
> Shot in the dark here, but are you using AFS? If so, you can run into 
> some nasty things if it tries to grab libraries out of AFS that you 
> have access to when you have AFS tokens, but which become unavailable 
> when they expire. You start up the process with the tokens, but when 
> you log back in, you obtain tokens for yourself, but not the PAG that 
> the process started in.
There are strange things out there. Thanks for the idea, but I 
definitely have never used AFS and nothing is installed, which I would 
associate with AFS.

BTW: It's still not working. I put it to PRI2, since the important 
ldapdb stuff is running. Kerberized imap is rarely used here, so people 
can do without. But still I'd like to understand, what is happening.

- lars.

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