Setting Up of IMAP Server

Adam Tauno Williams awilliam at
Fri Dec 11 10:12:14 EST 2009

> >     1) Users are created using /etc/passwd, No Mysql or LDAP at present.
> No problem with this. You can use sasldb2 to store the password, or
> use pam to authenticate. But normaly there is no need to create an
> account for each IMAP server.
> You need to reate a mailbox for the user.
> You may whant to use the autocreate patch.

This patch is included in Simon's *awesome* Cyrus RPMs for CentOS.

These packages are *HIGHLY* recommended;  they include all the 'cool'
features and extra patches.

> >     3) Quota exceeded users mails should be stored somewhere other than
> >     their inbox, on request from the user should be delivered to them by
> >     increasing their quota for time being.
> Depending on the lmtp_over_quota_perm_failure option in imapd.conf
> and maximal_queue_lifetime these mails will stay in the mailqueue of
> your postfix. Postfix will retry to deliver these mails till the end
> of maximal_queue_lifetime.


> >     5) Backup option of user mailbox  should be available.
> Yes you can Backup cyrus mailboxes ;-)
> Any file base backup-tool should work, depending on the size of
> you mailsystem and the usagepatterns of your users the backupsystem  
> has to handle many small files. I would recommand cyrus replication for
> and delayed expung mode in addition to normal backup.
> Delayed expung will ensure that you will backup the mails which are
> deleted by the user befor the backup is run.
> And cyrus replication will give you a fast disaster recovery

+1 on delayed expunge mode.  Once you have it you will never be able to
live without it.  I cover delayed-expunge pretty extensively in the
Cyrus chapter of WMOGAG, including example on unexpunging messages.

> If you have more questions aks them and we will try to answer them.


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