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Quoting prasanna <prasannap at>:

> Hi,
> 	I setting up a Mail server for my company.  I have installed  
> Postfix, it is working fine.  I am confused to choose a IMAP server.  
> Some of my requirements are
>     1) Users are created using /etc/passwd, No Mysql or LDAP at present.

No problem with this. You can use sasldb2 to store the password, or
use pam to authenticate. But normaly there is no need to create an
account for each IMAP server.

You need to reate a mailbox for the user.
You may whant to use the autocreate patch.

>     2) User should be given quota for their INBOX, selected users should
>     have unlimited or variable quota

I don't konw what you mean with "variable quota". Bu you can set the quota
for each mailbox and you can change it any time you want.

>     3) Quota exceeded users mails should be stored somewhere other than
>     their inbox, on request from the user should be delivered to them by
>     increasing their quota for time being.

Depending on the lmtp_over_quota_perm_failure option in imapd.conf
and maximal_queue_lifetime these mails will stay in the mailqueue of
your postfix. Postfix will retry to deliver these mails till the end
of maximal_queue_lifetime.

>     4) Web based Management of User.
There are some Web base GUIs for cyrus management, but I don't use them
so I don't know which one has which features.

>     5) Backup option of user mailbox  should be available.

Yes you can Backup cyrus mailboxes ;-)

Any file base backup-tool should work, depending on the size of
you mailsystem and the usagepatterns of your users the backupsystem  
has to handle many small files. I would recommand cyrus replication for
and delayed expung mode in addition to normal backup.

Delayed expung will ensure that you will backup the mails which are
deleted by the user befor the backup is run.
And cyrus replication will give you a fast disaster recovery

>     Do all my requirement can be met by cyrus imap server??

As you told us only "some" of your requirements, I don't know if
cyrus can met "all" ;-)

> If yes, can you provide me the links to met the above requirements

Have a look at the cyrus doc directory, there you should find all
information about configuration and the features of cyrus.

If you have more questions aks them and we will try to answer them.

    Michael Menge

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