Is it possible to manage threads with sieve?

Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu at
Wed Dec 9 19:47:54 EST 2009

Hello. I subscribe multiple mailing lists, and every two months I had to
clean up by:

   1. go to each mailing list mail folder, find messages I sent;
   2. find the threads of each messages I sent;
   3. these are the threads that I participated discussion, move the
      whole thread to archive folder as I might search them later or for

This is really boring work and is against the principle of why people
use computer (to release human from repetitive and uncreative work). Is
it possible to do it with sieve or should I start to write client-side
script (in my case, thunderbird plugin or perl script in cron) for this?
I believe the easiest route is client side script but just ask in case.
Thanks in advance.

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