proxyd cpu usage

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Tue Dec 8 15:20:10 EST 2009

On Tue, 8 Dec 2009, John Madden wrote:

>>> read(0, "00000002 LIST \"\" INBOX.*\r\n", 4096) = 26
>>> read(0, "00000003 LIST \"\" user.*\r\n", 4096) = 25
>>> read(0, "00000004 LIST \"\" *\r\n", 4096) = 20
>> Those LIST queries seem a little odd coming from a normal user account in 
>> Cyrus.  Are you logging in as a Cyrus admin account?  Why is the client 
>> asking for "user.*"?
> Nope, this is a normal account in the Horde webmail package.  I don't know if 
> I can really blame the client, it's doing a LIST against the NAMESPACEs 
> specified by cyrus.
> I didn't catch this earlier (i.e., before production) because our test 
> environment is non-murder (some test environment, I know) and for some reason 
> a 'LIST "" user.*' there works fine with roughly the same number of 
> mailboxes, no delay at all and no foolstupidclients setting.
> My fix here is to spoof the NAMESPACE with Horde's "imap_config" parameters. 
> You can manually specify which namespaces to recognize into a config file and 
> voila, it'll only look at INBOX.*.  I'm not sure we'll really need shared 
> folders anyway.

Hmm, I was thinking that the internal namespace was leaking out somehow. 
For my cyrus server, I get:

c02 namespace
* NAMESPACE NIL (("Other Users." ".")) (("Shared Folders." "."))
c02 OK Completed

Do your users have access to each other's mailboxes?  Is there are a large 
number of results?


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