proxyd cpu usage

John Madden jmadden at
Mon Dec 7 13:52:51 EST 2009

> At a guess, it sounds like load from LIST.  You should be able to see  
> what's causing the load if you have several seconds.  For example,  
> enable telemetry and look for long turn around.  Or use strace (or  
> equiv).  Have you experimented with foolstupidclients?  What is your  
> client mix?  How many mailboxes do you have?

I haven't tried foolstupidclients.  The manpage doesn't point out any 
downsides but I assume there are?

Client mix is mostly Horde at this point but will expand to mobile 
clients and some thick clients in the future.  Mailbox count is 
currently 2.2 million (400k top-level) but we only have about 30% user 
load at this point.

I had poked around with strace but didn't find anything obvious.


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