strange pop protocol?

Stefan Palme kleiner77 at
Thu Apr 30 13:10:18 EDT 2009

On Thu, April 30, 2009 17:40, Wesley Craig wrote:
> On 30 Apr 2009, at 03:08, Stefan Palme wrote:
>> As far as I understood, a POP3 server must ALWAYS send a response (+OK
or -ERR). But in my case the server does not response at all.
>> Any hints why/how this can happen? I see this behaviour very
>> often on the wire. Maybe it is worth mentioning that the client in this
case is MS Exchange.
> Is the pop server hung?  Perhaps the mailbox is corrupted, so message
two is causing the pop server to hang, crash, whatever.

No, the pop server does not hang. After this "QUIT" message the client
disappears. The next connection from the same client (or from any other
client) works normally - client can fetch at least one email.

Often everything looks "normal" - i.e. for each command there is a normal
response from the server. But sometimes the server does not respond at all
in the middle of a session (without beeing hung or something).

Error log does not show any errors, so I guess the mailbox data is not
corrupted. I have some error messages of the kind "mailbox locked" (can
not look up the exact message right now), but this does not seem to be
related to the other problem (because of different times when this
happens). Or maybe this IS a possible reason somehow?

Thanks and regards

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