Question about upgrading and mismatched backends

Dave McMurtrie dave64 at
Wed Apr 15 09:30:37 EDT 2009

Tim Champ wrote:
> Hello all.  My first time to post, I only recently joined the list.  I'm 
> digging in deeply on an inherited cyrus install, and looking to upgrade.
> My goal is to put a new backend server in place for our setup.  Our 
> basic setup is 3 front-ends, 4 back-ends and a mupdate server.
> I'm looking to add a back-end for multiple reasons, but I would like to 
> set it up with cyrus 2.3.14 to kill two birds with one stone.  I realize 
> some additional options for the config file now exist, with delayed 
> delete for folders (which we're looking forward to) and others.

Hi Tim,

You don't mention what version the other members of your murder are running.

There was a change to the sieve protocol wrt how it doles out a
capability response.  2.3.14 should work with old or new sieve clients,
so that shouldn't be a problem.

I'm not aware of any lmtp changes that would cause breakage between

I'm not aware of any mupdate changes that would cause breakage between

Ken mentioned to me that there may have been some changes to how XFER
works (moving mailboxes between backend servers), but he couldn't
remember details off the top of his head.  Even if he did, we'd need to
know which versions your other nodes are running.


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