Question about upgrading and mismatched backends

Tim Champ champ at
Wed Apr 15 09:11:25 EDT 2009

Hello all.  My first time to post, I only recently joined the list.  I'm 
digging in deeply on an inherited cyrus install, and looking to upgrade.

My goal is to put a new backend server in place for our setup.  Our 
basic setup is 3 front-ends, 4 back-ends and a mupdate server.

I'm looking to add a back-end for multiple reasons, but I would like to 
set it up with cyrus 2.3.14 to kill two birds with one stone.  I realize 
some additional options for the config file now exist, with delayed 
delete for folders (which we're looking forward to) and others.

I've googled and read through quite a few list archives, but I haven't 
seen anything to make me think this won't work (or will work).  Anyone 
have any experience, opinions, etc?  The list seems to have quite a few 
well-informed people on it, so I'm hoping you can help!

Thanks in advance!
Tim Champ
Sr. Unix Systems Specialist

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