Cyrus on 64-bit RHEL 5

John Widera jwidera at
Mon Apr 13 13:04:46 EDT 2009

Thanks all, for the input.  My post had a typo - we aren't currently on
RHEL 5.  We're on RHEL 3.  RHEL 3/i386 to RHEL 5/x86_64 is the exact path
we are going.

We're already running skiplist across the board so based on what we've
read/heard we don't expect any trouble in that regard.

Our plan is to build from cyrus-imapd-2.3.14-2.src.rpm.

But which of Simon's SASL RPMs is recommended for x86_64 linux?

We have another q. regarding FS buffer cache, but I'll post that separately.

Thanks again everyone.

>> Can anyone share with us their production experience with running Cyrus
>> in
>> a virtual (ESX?) env., and/or experience with running Cyrus (Simon
>> Matter's RPMs, optimally) in a 64-bit Linux OS?
> I'm not a fan of running anything that needs good performance on any kind
> of virtualization. At least you me really check that you get good IO
> performance out of it.
> Running Cyrus on x86_64 Linux seems to work well. At least I didn't get
> any problem report for a long time.
> I have not been a fan of x86_64 because of it's mixed 32/64bit arch but
> that's not really a problem these days. I was forced to migrate a server
> from RHEL3/i386 to RHEL5/x86_64 and it has just worked. Both were running
> my current RPMs and with the default database config used in the RPMs. I
> could just shutdown the old box, rsync -aH to the new box and start it up.
> However, you may search the archives because I think there can be problems
> with certain database backends (BDB) when doing the migration. The RPM
> should still take care of it because it converts all BDB to skiplist on
> shutdown to make things easy to migrate.
> Regards,
> Simon

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