cyrus won't recognize new partition

Jesse Ross jross at
Fri Apr 3 12:00:39 EDT 2009

Thanks to all for your help.  I finally figured out my problem, which was
just old-fashioned operator idiocy.  I have two imap processes running with
different configs - one without TLS, so that I can conveniently run cyradm
locally.  I had only made the config change in the public server, not the
one that cyradm connects to.


On Wed, Apr 1, 2009 at 2:38 PM, Wesley Craig <wes at> wrote:

> On 31 Mar 2009, at 10:33, Jesse Ross wrote:
>> Thanks for the suggestion.  The only thing that the mkimap script does
>> differently from the way I did it was to create a directory
>> /var/spool/imap07/sync./.  However, I still can't get cyrus to recognize the
>> partition!  The symptoms are the same; ownership of directories set to
>> cyrus, appropriate permissions as copied from working partitions,
>> configuration same as for the working partitions.
> IMAP_PARTITION_UNKNOWN isn't associated with permission problems,
> typically.  For the create code path, you get it when there's a failure to
> convert the symbolic partition name to a path.
>  Is there perhaps a way to get cyrus to log what it thinks the problem with
>> the partition is?
> The number of cases that can result in IMAP_PARTITION_UNKNOWN is pretty
> small, I'd probably try inserting some logging into the process for those
> results.  It's either a bug or configuration oversight, I'm sure.
> :wes
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