sendmail, lmtp, cyrusv2d, shared folders and case

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Wed Apr 1 14:26:27 EDT 2009


I'm trying to send mail directly to a shared folder, via the
plus-addressing syntax.

My user entry redirect to +Folder/SubFolder at domain.tld .

cyrusv2d mailer is called via the mailertable.

The ACL are ok.

It would work with a folder in lower case, but not if the folder
includes upper case characters.

I thought it was ok to have upper case after the + in the local part of
the address ?

I tried setting
"lmtp_downcase_rcpt: 0"
in imapd.conf, adding the u flag to the cyrusv2d mailer, but to no avail.

the +part is always converted to lower case.

initially I tried using the mrs_cyrus_mailertable approach but it was
even worse, as checking +folder/subfolder at domaine.tld with smmap returns
unknown user, even when the folder exists and has the "p" acl.

Any clue ?

I'd really like to avoid converting all existing folders to lower case
of possible, it would be painful.

Best regards,

Clément Hermann (nodens)

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