Sieve: UTF-7 changes in 2.3.12p2?

Jan Schneider jan at
Thu Sep 25 06:21:33 EDT 2008

Zitat von Frank Richter <frank.richter at>:

>>> Is this a bad joke or am I missing something? Sieve scripts of most
>>> non-English-speakers are intentionally broken due to a BC breaking
>>> change in a bugfix release version?
>> I'm afraid you're not missing anything. It bit us as well :(
>> Fortunately for us, there weren't that many people with non-english folder
>> names with filter rules, but for other people, this could be a pretty nasty
>> change.
>> The change is actually the correct "fix", but dropping it in without any
>> large "warning" in the changelog or release announcement is pretty rough.
>> Fixing all the existing sieve scripts shouldn't be too hard though. A perl
>> 1-liner could almost do it...
> But it needs to fix the tool generating the sieve scripts, too.

Not only that, but clients and the server have to be updated  
synchronously. While this might be easy for webmail clients, it's an  
impossible tasks if users are using desktop clients to manage their  
sieve scripts.

Maybe this only a theoretical problem. Is there any desktop client out  
there that *generates* Sieve scripts, i.e. not simply download and  
upload complete scripts like KMail?

> Like Hordes's filter module. Jan, could you give a quick hint where  
> to look for this?

Not out of my head, but we probably need to add a configuration  
setting in Ingo to switch between the old and new behavior. Please add  
a request on


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