Sieve: UTF-7 changes in 2.3.12p2?

Frank Richter frank.richter at
Thu Sep 25 00:45:34 EDT 2008

>> Is this a bad joke or am I missing something? Sieve scripts of most
>> non-English-speakers are intentionally broken due to a BC breaking
>> change in a bugfix release version?
> I'm afraid you're not missing anything. It bit us as well :(
> Fortunately for us, there weren't that many people with non-english folder
> names with filter rules, but for other people, this could be a pretty nasty
> change.
> The change is actually the correct "fix", but dropping it in without any
> large "warning" in the changelog or release announcement is pretty rough.
> Fixing all the existing sieve scripts shouldn't be too hard though. A perl
> 1-liner could almost do it...

But it needs to fix the tool generating the sieve scripts, too.
Like Hordes's filter module. Jan, could you give a quick hint where to 
look for this?

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