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David Lang david.lang at
Thu Sep 18 02:00:07 EDT 2008

On Wed, 17 Sep 2008, Scott M. Likens wrote:

> With ZFS your leaving a "ton" of stone-age worries behind.  You can go
> much beyond inodes in the perks of ZFS.

and gaining some new worries along the way. while some are convinced that ZFS is 
the best thing ever others see it as trading a set of known problems for a set 
of unknown problems (plus it severly limits what OS you can run, which can bring 
it's own set of problems along)

David Lang

> Vincent Fox wrote:
>> Wesley Craig wrote:
>>>>  Maildir and cyrus both suffer from the same
>>>> disadvantages (huge needs in terms of inodes etc.),
>> With ZFS, inodes are among the many stone-age worries you leave behind.
>> ;-)
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