Issues with user.sub files - subscription files hangs system.

Jens mueller at
Wed Sep 17 04:34:59 EDT 2008

Adam D schrieb:
> Adam D wrote:
>> I have noticed this error in the log:
>> Sep 12 18:57:44 vts-post cyrus/imap[19629]: IOERROR: locking
>> /var/lib/cyrus/domain/W/domain1/user/A/userbox.sub: Interrupted system call
>> Soon afterwards I notice imapd runs at 99.8 % and I can not kill the
>> process.  It looks like the file is locked and can't be written to?  I
>> saw another file called userbox.sub.NEW but even that files can't be
>> read.  When I attempt the terminal freezes.  I also noticed the system
>> can't be rebooted as well.  I don't know what could be causing this. 
>> Does anyone have any incite? 
> We are using Ubuntu 8.04 on this particular amd 64 box running virtually
> within xen.

I had the same problem with Ubuntu 7.10 running in VMWare. I was not
able to fix it. My solution was a system-upgrade to 8.04. The problem
disappeared. I just hope it does not appear again. Some other users
discovered the same problem and were able to solve it with an upgrade, too.

Sorry not to help you,

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