Which 2.3.x version to match 2.2.12 in stability? :-)

Wesley Craig wes at umich.edu
Tue Sep 16 12:54:29 EDT 2008

I'd suggest waiting for 2.3.13, which is likely to appear soon.  It  
will have numerous significant bug fixes.  In fact, if you're  
planning to do any testing, contributing to the testing of 2.3.13  
release candidates would be very helpful.


On 16 Sep 2008, at 08:17, Ciprian Marius Vizitiu wrote:
> As much as I hate it time has come to upgrade my very well behaved  
> Cyrus imapd so I was wondering: given the rock solid stability I  
> have experienced with 2.2.12 is there any 2.3.x Cyrus with some  
> close record of stability? What is your experience? I don't care  
> about replication, I only run one server for 40 mailboxes, true  
> some of my users have like 25.000 emails in one folder but no fancy  
> features required just "plain IMAP". :-) What would be your advice?  
> Ok, other than "stay with 2.2.12!"?

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