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Jason Voorhees jvoorhees1 at
Mon Sep 15 17:55:28 EDT 2008


I'm using cyrus-imapd 2.3.7 on CentOS 5.2 and I can't find serverinfo 
directive in its manual page.

$ man -P cat imapd.conf | grep -i serverinfo

Returns nothing!

Is that directive only available in recent versions of cyrus-imapd?

Adam Tauno Williams escribió:
>> I have been googling over there and haven't find the answer to my question
>> just another man looking for the same as me... I wanted to change the banner
>> that cyrus imap and pop sends when you connect to them... basically the
>> server greeting... I think it could be quite dangerous to show the version
>> you're running... even the server you're running. Please could be anyway of
>> doing this? how could I get my goal? For example when you telnet to port 110
>> or 143 to be shown :
>> +OK IMAP Server
>> and nothing else....
> man imapd.conf
> <quote>
> serverinfo: on
> The  server  information to display in the greeting and capability
> responses. Information is displayed as follows:
> "off" = no server information in the greeting or capabilities
> "min" = servername in the greeting; no server information  in  the
> capabilities
> "on"  =  servername  and  product version in the greeting; product
> version in the capabilities
> Allowed values: off, min, on
> </quote>
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