Murder with Virtual Domains - deliveries from postfix fail

Dan Gaudette dangaudette at
Wed Sep 3 16:56:55 EDT 2008

Thanks Dan, but I'm still getting the same error.

It'd be awesome if you could provide some more config.

Dan White wrote:
> Dan Gaudette wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I have Cyrus Murder 2.3.12p2 up and running (1 frontend, 1 backend, 1 
>> mupdate), however when I enable virtdomains I receive the following 
>> error on the frontend:   imapd/lmtp[]: verify_user 
>> (!user.steve) failed: Mailbox does not exist
>> Everything else seems to work fine (IMAP, POP, creating/deleting 
>> mailboxes with domain administrators), but the frontend server fails 
>> with the above message when receiving the email addressed to 
>> steve at from Postfix (separate machine).
>> Postfix returns: <steve at>: host 
>>[] said: 550-Mailbox unknown.  Either there 
>> is no mailbox associated with this 550-name or you do not have 
>> authorization to see it. 550 5.1.1 User unknown (in reply to RCPT TO 
>> command)
>> I've tried recreating the mailbox after virtdomains was enabled, but 
>> with the same result.
>> Am I missing something in my Cyrus configuration, or is this an issue 
>> with Postfix?
> Dan,
> I ran into a similar error during my install, but I don't recall if 
> this is what got me around it:
> On the Front end:
> virtdomains: on
> On the Backend:
> virtdomains: userid
> On the Mupdate server:
> virtdomains: on
> I have Postfix and lmtp (proxy) running on the frontend as well. I can 
> provide more config if you'd like.

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