rebuilt cyrus server weirdness

Bernhard Rohrer bernhard.graylion at
Fri Mar 28 22:32:40 EDT 2008

Hi folks

I am running a cyrus server for a few users, mainly myself and I
recently had a catastropic failure that led to me reconstructing the
server from an older installation.

OS is Ubuntu Gutsy, Cyrus 2.2

I copied /var/lib/cyrus and /var/spool/cyrus back and followed the
instructions here to get my databases back. this works fine in
principle, but leaves me with this problem:

In my Thunderbird I see a bunchload of empty messages, that show read,
unread, replied, forwarded marks and nothing else. no subject, no

When I try to delete on I get an error message that the IMAP server
reported an IO error and syslog says: Mar 29 01:33:41 collab
cyrus/imap[26479]: IOERROR: opening 3056.: No such file or directory

This screenshot here ( shows in
the background said Thunderbird with the email that I tried to delete
marked and in the foreground midnight commander showing the very
directory and message.

root at collab:/var/spool/cyrus/mail/user/houselion# ls -al 3056
-rw-r--r-- 1 cyrus mail 4369 2008-03-13 00:11 3056

cyrus clearly also has the permissions to access this.


what else do you need? is there a verbose flag that I can set
somewhere to get more info?



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