upgrading murder to v2.3.11

Andrew Morgan morgan at orst.edu
Mon Mar 17 20:28:31 EDT 2008

I'm close to finishing the upgrade of our Cyrus Murder from v2.2 to v2.3. 
The backends and mupdate master are running v2.3.11 now, and I've just 
upgraded one of our frontends to v2.3.11.

I wanted to make sure that our frontends never return a referral to a 
backend (Pine seems to trigger this a lot).  Attached is a patch which 
adds an option to imapd.conf to disable mailbox referrals.  It is based on 
another person's patch I got from this list.

So far the new frontend seems to be working fine.  However, I have noticed 
a few errors in the logs:

Mar 17 17:00:43 cyrus-fe3 imaps[24038]: Fatal error: Lost connection to selected backend
Mar 17 17:02:18 cyrus-fe3 imap[24565]: Fatal error: Lost connection to selected backend
Mar 17 17:07:07 cyrus-fe3 imaps[29951]: Fatal error: Lost connection to selected backend

This particular message is generated in a few different locations in the 
code, so I'm not sure of the exact cause.  I'll probably modify the code 
to uniquely indicate which part of the code generated this error.

Has anyone seen this error message before?

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