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Robert Scussel cyrus at opertet.com
Fri Mar 14 11:35:35 EDT 2008

There is a web interface called "Cyrup" I believe on Sourceforge that is an
administrative page for cyrus + postfix. We've taken it, combined it with
exim and split out the original from just an admin page to an admin and
user page in order to enable vacation messaging. It works pretty well,
might be overkill depending on your mta setup.


On Fri, 14 Mar 2008 10:39:57 -0400, Forrest Aldrich <forrie at forrie.com>
> Nikos Gatsis wrote:
>> Hello list.
>> Can somebody recommend me a web interface for cyrus?
>> An interface where I can manage cyrus accounts?
>> Thanks Nikos
> There was once a neat project named "Cyrusmaster" (University of Athens)
> which added LDAP capability.  But it's old, and probably not being
> maintained anymore.  (current Cyrus has "ptloader" support, though I'm
> not sure of the scope of LDAP use, never used it)
> I'm curious what newer web interfaces are available.
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