Miserable performance of cyrus-imapd 2.3.9 -- seems to be lockingissues

Patrick Boutilier boutilpj at ednet.ns.ca
Thu Mar 6 08:55:41 EST 2008

Zachariah Mully wrote:
> Patrick Boutilier wrote:
>> We have used 3ware cards as well but are now switching to Highpoint 
>> RAID cards.
> Hopefully you're testing them extensively. I found them, at least the 
> last time I used them (RocketRAID?), to be woefully lacking in the linux 
> driver area as well as performance.

We are using the RocketRAID 3xxx series which has the drivers in the 
Linux kernel. Just to clarify, we are using 3ware and RocketRAID cards 
for disk based backups, not for Cyrus, although we might in the future.

  In fact, I've still got a server
> with a Highpoint dedicated SATA RAID card in it which has 6 of 8 drives 
> popped out, since I could never get it to reliably work under RH ES4, so 
> had to use the two sata connectors luckily present on the mobo.
> Z

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