Miserable performance of cyrus-imapd 2.3.9 -- seems to be lockingissues

Zachariah Mully zmully at smartbrief.com
Thu Mar 6 08:41:34 EST 2008

Patrick Boutilier wrote:

> We have used 3ware cards as well but are now switching to Highpoint RAID 
> cards.

Hopefully you're testing them extensively. I found them, at least the 
last time I used them (RocketRAID?), to be woefully lacking in the linux 
driver area as well as performance. In fact, I've still got a server 
with a Highpoint dedicated SATA RAID card in it which has 6 of 8 drives 
popped out, since I could never get it to reliably work under RH ES4, so 
had to use the two sata connectors luckily present on the mobo.


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