R: R: Error creating mailboxex with an "&" inside

Toschi Pietro Pietro.Toschi at actalis.it
Tue Feb 5 09:48:37 EST 2008

I'm afraid I think you're right.
The problem is not related to the Kolab patch, in fact I tried to create a maibox both on a patched and an unpatched server with the same results, using cyradm:

>cm user/test&test at domain.com
Returns an error from cyradm

>cm user/test\&test at domain.com
Returns an error from IMAP server:
XX CREATE user/test&test at domain.com 
XX NO Invalid Mailbox Name

>cm user/test\&-test at domain.com
Actually creates user/test&-test at domain.com

Maybe a well-designed IMAP client should consider &- an escape sequence and show it a single & like in test&test at domain.com, but doubts about authentication problems still remain. I'll have a complete test in a short using Thunderbird and let you know my results.

See you later.


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i think you have another problem, & has to be encoded in imap as &- .  
The encoding is done by the mailclient. But on the other hand cyrus  
expacts the user
to have a folder under user that matches the username used for authentication.
IMHO using & in username is a bad idea as the authenticationlayer does not
know the special meaning of & and that it has to be escaped as &-

Quoting Toschi Pietro <Pietro.Toschi at actalis.it>:

> Unfortunately I am using imapsync to migrate messages between   
> already created top-level mailboxex, but it doesn't seem to take   
> care of those details for me and failed to create every subfolder   
> with special character until I applied the Kolab patch that modified  
>  GOODCHAR macro in mailboxes.c.
> Apparently, the Kolab patch doesn't apply to top level mailboxes,   
> INBOX. And creating user/this&that at something.com still fails with   
> cyradm or other applications.
> pietro
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> Oggetto: Re: Error creating mailboxex with an "&" inside
> Toschi Pietro wrote, at 02/05/2008 06:57 AM:
>> Apparently, cyrus-imapd does not support mailboxes with some letters
>> inside the name. "&" is one of that. I have some mailboxes containing
>> that symbol to be migrated from another server (SUN) but I always get an
>> error.
>> Looking at the IMAP RFC it seems very complex to me to understand what
>> characters are supported and how by the protocol. I wander if there is a
>> way to make cyrus accept such mailboxes, for example using some sort of
>> escape sequences, encoding rules or so.
>> Do someone have a solution to this annoying problem?
> In Thunderbird, I can create a new folder named:
>   this&that
> This results in a directory on the server named:
>   this&-that
> What tool are you using to migrate your mailboxes? Hopefully, something
> like imapsync will take care of these details for you.
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