How does one transfer a user's inbox (and subfolders) to another user?

Ken Murchison murch at
Mon Feb 4 16:59:23 EST 2008

Make sure that you enable allowusermoves in imapd.conf.  Make sure to 
read the associated warnings.  Then using cyradm:

rename user.ruser user.suser

Joseph Silverman wrote:
> I tried 'mv /var/spool/imap/r/user/ruser /var/spool/imap/s/user/suser/ 
> ruser-copy' and then 'reconstruct -f -r user/suser' - this simply  
> didn't do the job, though all indications from the man page are that  
> it should.  Is this even possible in cyrus?  I tried all sorts of  
> combinations of command and nothing seems to do it!
> - Yossie
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