Pruning Duplicates

Wesley Craig wes at
Mon Aug 25 22:45:36 EDT 2008

I've seen this before with Thunderbird.  As I recall, Thunderbird  
requests a lengthy operation but times out (or fills a buffer?)  
before getting a result back.  It then tries the operation again,  
until the mailbox is woefully full.

To clean up, we typically calculate checksums on the files and find  
duplicates that way.


On 25 Aug 2008, at 19:50, Jorey Bump wrote:
> I've discovered that a user's folder suddenly contains a couple of
> thousand duplicate messages. Each pair of messages shares the same  
> inode
> (ext3) but has a different filename (for example, 15715. and  
> 21534.). I
> haven't determined the cause yet, but I believe it may be due to an
> aborted attempt to reorganize this large collection of emails (almost
> 20,000 messages). The account is shared among a handful of users who
> access it concurrently, using the same login and password, which may
> have contributed to the issue.
> Is the shared inode a result of Cyrus IMAPd's duplicate suppression?
> I've been asked to remove the duplicates. Can anyone recommend a safe
> and simple method for doing so?

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