Pruning Duplicates

Jorey Bump list at
Mon Aug 25 19:50:02 EDT 2008

I've discovered that a user's folder suddenly contains a couple of 
thousand duplicate messages. Each pair of messages shares the same inode 
(ext3) but has a different filename (for example, 15715. and 21534.). I 
haven't determined the cause yet, but I believe it may be due to an 
aborted attempt to reorganize this large collection of emails (almost 
20,000 messages). The account is shared among a handful of users who 
access it concurrently, using the same login and password, which may 
have contributed to the issue.

Is the shared inode a result of Cyrus IMAPd's duplicate suppression? 
I've been asked to remove the duplicates. Can anyone recommend a safe 
and simple method for doing so?

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