Very annoying IMAP problem (cyrus + Outlook)

Denis BUCHER dbucherml at
Fri Aug 22 09:04:41 EDT 2008


Thanks a lot to everyone for your answers, I'll do a complete reply, I 
think it's better :

Michael Menge a écrit :
 > The configdirectory is set in /etc/imapd.conf it should default to
 > /var/lib/imap

Yes, you're right... BTW I never understood why there is a 
/etc/imapd.conf and a /etc/cyrus.conf...

What should I do now that I have the logs ?

Alain Spineux a écrit :
> for myself :
> # mkdir /var/lib/imap/log/firstname.lastname at
> # chown cyrus.cyrus /var/lib/imap/log/firstname.lastname at

Ok great, for me it was /var/lib/imap/log/username, now the directory 
gets filled by cyrus (without even restarting it)

> To solve your problem you could try to use an imap proxy between your
> outlook and cyrus like "nginx"
> Just for this user or other having problems at first

You mean to see what's happening or as a solution ?


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