Very annoying IMAP problem (cyrus + Outlook)

David Carter dpc22 at
Fri Aug 22 07:17:18 EDT 2008

On Fri, 22 Aug 2008, Denis BUCHER wrote:

> As far as I understand, the cause of the problem is : * "Outlook is 
> sending either a token or quoted string that is longer than 8K bytes."

Your problem is a mailbox which contains several thousand messages. 
Possibly several thousand messages which Outlook hasn't seen previously.

Outlook tries to construct a single IMAP command of the form:

  UID FETCH uid,uid,uid,... <some set of fields>

where the list of UIDs is larger than 8 KBytes in size.

> But how could I correct this problem either in Outlook or cyrus ???

Split the problem mailbox into smaller mailboxes using something other 
than Outlook. Alternatively you could increase the word limit in Cyrus. 
MAXWORD is 32k in recent Cyrus 2.3 versions.

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