limit user access to certain IP addresses?

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I tried this some thime ago with pam, but without a success.

SASL does not pass the ip-addres to PAM so you can't use pam_access,
nor can you change/configure the PAM service name to run an other  
instance of cyrus using an other pam configuration.

You may have success by running too instances of cyrus, one listening  
on and one on your normal IP und using different  
sasl_options in your imapd.conf configurations

Quoting Tomasz Chmielewski <mangoo at>:

> It it possible to limit POP3/IMAP access for chosen users only to
> certain IP addresses?
> For example, I'd like to allow some users only access from
> (or, Squirrelmail running on the same address as Cyrus); those users
> shouldn't have public access to POP3/IMAP from the whole Internet.
> At the same time, though, I would like to allow access for some other
> users via POP3/IMAP as well.
> Is it somehow possible with Cyrus? If it is, it would be great if it
> could be used to limit access to SMTP as well. As SMTP is different than
> what Cyrus does, this would perhaps suggest some additional PAM library?
> Any ideas?
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> Tomasz Chmielewski
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