Cyrus vs Dovecot

Bron Gondwana brong at
Wed Aug 13 21:10:03 EDT 2008

On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 01:07:34PM -0400, Wesley Craig wrote:
> On 13 Aug 2008, at 10:31, kbajwa wrote:
> > I think you are missing a point which is most important, i.e., what  
> > type of
> > support Cyrus vs Dovecot offers. In my experience:
> >
> > Cyrus      =  0
> > Dovecot    =  100
> As someone who answers many help requests for cyrus (and I'm very far  
> from the only one), I can honestly say I've never seen a requests  
> from you.  Perhaps you've had a lot of occasion to ask for help with  
> Dovecot.  I'm happy to hear you've gotten that help.  Community is a  
> lot of what open source software is about.  As for your experience  
> with the cyrus imapd community, perhaps your sample size is too small.

Yeah, there are a few of us here answering help requests, and even
helping debugging in some cases.  I'd be interested to see where
that '0' comes from too.

Still, I think Cyrus and Dovecot are the best two imap servers out
there, so it's going to be a question of which integrates best with
your usage pattern.  For a small server, starting with no experience
in either, I would probably choose Dovecot.  Now that I know Cyrus
inside out, back to front, warts and all - well, I'd choose Cyrus
because I know how to make it play nice.  It's more of a "total
system" in itself though, that you write support stuff around.
Dovecot integrates more with other tools in a unix-daemon'y way.


Bron ( now if someone came along with a compelling competitior
       for SASL... )

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