Cyrus vs Dovecot

Wesley Craig wes at
Wed Aug 13 13:07:34 EDT 2008

On 13 Aug 2008, at 10:31, kbajwa wrote:
> I think you are missing a point which is most important, i.e., what  
> type of
> support Cyrus vs Dovecot offers. In my experience:
> Cyrus      =  0
> Dovecot    =  100

As someone who answers many help requests for cyrus (and I'm very far  
from the only one), I can honestly say I've never seen a requests  
from you.  Perhaps you've had a lot of occasion to ask for help with  
Dovecot.  I'm happy to hear you've gotten that help.  Community is a  
lot of what open source software is about.  As for your experience  
with the cyrus imapd community, perhaps your sample size is too small.

Or perhaps you're thinking of paid support?  Because I know very well  
that you can get that for cyrus imap.


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