Cyrus vs Dovecot

Wesley Craig wes at
Tue Aug 12 12:03:54 EDT 2008

On 12 Aug 2008, at 06:53, Mathieu Kretchner wrote:
> At present, we have a lot of I/O, we wonder if the last version of  
> cyrus  is improved for this point ?

Recent versions have several features designed to allow very large  
scaling of I/O.  In addition to optimization to the old architecture,  
header, index, cache, expunge, and squat can be moved to a separate  
metapartition.  That means you have (effectively) three possible I/O  
paths -- the mail, the indices, and the mailboxes.db.  Each can be on  
separate storage with optimal price vs performance characteristics  
for the proposed load.

With only 5000 users on two machines, I suspect simply replacing the  
old machines with new machines will be such a performance increase  
that very little optimization would be required.


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