Cyrus vs Dovecot

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Quoting Mathieu Kretchner <mathieu.kretchner at>:

> Wesley Craig a écrit :
>> On 11 Aug 2008, at 08:57, Mathieu Kretchner wrote:
>>>> what is in use now ?
>>> Cyrus
>>> Why should I choose Cyrus instead of dovecot ?
>> Are you having a problem with Cyrus?  Migrating from any server to   
>> any other is likely to be challenging (to say the least), so you   
>> ought to have a pretty compelling reason to migrate before you   
>> decide to.
>> :wes
> Not realy, we have an old hardware with an old imap server and we want
> to reconsider our choice !
> My question is explicitly open to have multiple answers
> An I'm having only new questions ! :-/

As i don't know your environment and which features of Cyrus are  
usefull for you, i can give olny some genneral hints. And as i don't  
know the feature of dovecot i won't compare cyrus and dovecot.

1. Upgrading to an newer version of Cyrus is easier as Migrating to
an other Software. See install-upgrade.html in your cyrus/doc for details.
One common problem with system upgrades is a changed version of Berkeley DB
so you should dump the databases on the old system and import them in the new.

2. You know the Cyrus Administration, you don't need to change the  
interfaces to your Usermanagement.

3. With the new "Delayed expunge" feature, you won't miss emails in  
backup which where recieved and delete between backups. Restoring  
emails still in delayed expunge is much easier and faster as  
recovering the mail form backup.

4. The new replication system allows you to keep a copy of your  
mailstore you can failover to in case of a systemcrash.

5. There have been additions to the Sieve and IMAP extensions and many  
other changes. See  changes.html in your cyrus/doc for details

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