Cyrus vs Dovecot

Mathieu Kretchner mathieu.kretchner at
Mon Aug 11 10:44:45 EDT 2008

Wesley Craig a écrit :
> On 11 Aug 2008, at 08:57, Mathieu Kretchner wrote:
>>> what is in use now ?
>> Cyrus
>> Why should I choose Cyrus instead of dovecot ?
> Are you having a problem with Cyrus?  Migrating from any server to any 
> other is likely to be challenging (to say the least), so you ought to 
> have a pretty compelling reason to migrate before you decide to.
> :wes

Not realy, we have an old hardware with an old imap server and we want
to reconsider our choice !

My question is explicitly open to have multiple answers

An I'm having only new questions ! :-/

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