Admin functions not working when logging into cyradm

Andrew Morgan morgan at
Mon Aug 11 16:08:31 EDT 2008

On Mon, 11 Aug 2008, David Korpiewski wrote:

> I'm having a problem when I log into the cyradm interface
> (/usr/bin/cyrus/admin/cyradm) as an administrator I don't get the list
> of the 'Other Users/username'.   I really don't understand why.  Can
> someone help me?
> Imapd.conf:
> ----------
> admins: davidk, cyrusimap, cyrusadministrator, steve
> configdirectory: /var/imap
> partition-default: /var/spool/imap
>  (rest clipped)....
> Example:
> ----------
> server:admin root# ./cyradm -u davidk
> Password:
>> lm
> INBOX (\Noinferiors)    Trash (\HasNoChildren)
> Example 2:
> ----------
> server:admin root# ./cyradm -u cyrusadministrator
> Password:
>> lm
> INBOX (\Noinferiors)
> I should be seeing 'Other Users/steve' and other mailboxes, but
> unfortunately I'm not.   I can use any one of the list of administrators
> listed in the Imapd.conf but none of them work :-(   Why?

It sounds like you have unixhierarchysep:1 and altnamespace:1 set.  The 
manpage says:

altnamespace: 0

    Use the alternate IMAP namespace, where personal folders 
reside at the same level in the hierarchy as INBOX.

    This option ONLY applies where interaction takes place with the 
client/user.  Currently this is limited to the IMAP protocol (imapd)  and 
Sieve scripts (lmtpd).  This option does NOT apply to admin tools such as 
cyradm (admins ONLY), reconstruct, quota, etc., NOR does it affect LMTP 
delivery of messages directly to mailboxes via plus-addressing.

You need to use the standard internal namespace notation when using 
cyradm.  Try the command "lm user/%".

I recommend reading the altnamespace documentation.  Here is my local 

Generally speaking, your administrators should NOT have mailboxes of their 
own...  Your regular email client can do funny things when it can see and 
modify all mailboxes on the system.


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