Admin functions not working when logging into cyradm

David Korpiewski davidk at
Mon Aug 11 15:30:39 EDT 2008

I'm having a problem when I log into the cyradm interface 
(/usr/bin/cyrus/admin/cyradm) as an administrator I don't get the list 
of the 'Other Users/username'.   I really don't understand why.  Can 
someone help me?

admins: davidk, cyrusimap, cyrusadministrator, steve
configdirectory: /var/imap
partition-default: /var/spool/imap
  (rest clipped)....

server:admin root# ./cyradm -u davidk
Password:> lm
INBOX (\Noinferiors)    Trash (\HasNoChildren)>

Example 2:
server:admin root# ./cyradm -u cyrusadministrator
Password:> lm
INBOX (\Noinferiors)>

I should be seeing 'Other Users/steve' and other mailboxes, but 
unfortunately I'm not.   I can use any one of the list of administrators 
listed in the Imapd.conf but none of them work :-(   Why?

David Korpiewski
Software Specialist I
CSCF - Computer Science Computing Facility
Department of Computer Science
Phone: 413-545-4319
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