Several cyrus instances on same host.

Rob Mueller robm at
Fri Aug 1 22:26:48 EDT 2008

> Is it possible to run several cyrus imap instances (with different 
> cyrus.conf
> and imapd.conf files) on the same server?
> I will like to have all related files for imap server A in one directory
> (/imapA) and all the related files for imap server B in another directory
> (/imapB). Is it possible?

No problem at all. We run up to 20 different instances of cyrus on some of 
our machines. You just have to setup separate cyrus.conf and imapd.conf 
files, separate start/stop scripts, and use the -C option on every command 
you run.

The main thing I'd recommend is that you create separate instance files 

/etc/cyrus-a.conf and /etc/imapd-a.conf
/etc/cyrus-b.conf and /etc/imapd-b.conf

And completely delete /etc/cyrus.conf and /etc/imapd.conf. That way if you 
run "reconstruct" or any other tool on it's own, it'll complain that it 
couldn't find a imapd.conf file. You have to specify the -C option, so that 
you explicitly tell the command which instance you want to work with. By not 
having a "default" install, this will avoids mistakes with running the wrong 

One other thing you'll have to do is bind each instance to different port 
numbers, or different IP addresses.


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