Cyrus upgrade from 2.1.18 to 2.2.13 moved email messages

Steinar Bang sb at
Wed Nov 28 14:55:16 EST 2007

>>>>> Steinar Bang <sb at>:
> And as far as I can tell it lists ranges and unread and so forth.  But
> when I try to open the folders I'm told that there are no messages in
> them. 

> Hot damn!  The mailboxes actually _are_ empty!

In the words of James Bond: "That explains the humming!"

Every email message that previously resided under /var/spool/cyrus/mail
has passed away, kicked the (bit) bucket, bought the box condo, are
ex-messages etc.

> When did that happen?

Hm... no they didn't.  But they do have a different structure.

What previously was mail/s/user/sb/ is now mail/u/s/user/sb/


And my restored mailbox.db probably points to the old structure...?  So
how to I create one that points to the new structure?

Ah, the madness! the madness!

google haven't found me anything on this.  Perhaps I have to study the
emails more closely...

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