Problems upgrading from cyrus 2.1.18 to 2.2.13 on debian etch

Steinar Bang sb at
Tue Nov 27 15:29:56 EST 2007

>>>>> Steinar Bang <sb at>:

>> Does this mean they don't require rebuilding when moving from cyrus 2.1
>> to 2.2?

>> If that is true, and if the text version of the mailboxes file is what I
>> need, then I should be able to survive this...:-)

> (but I don't dare start cyrus22 until I hear some sort of confirmation
> on this...:-) )

cvt_cyrusdb croaks on the ASCII file as well. (sigh!)

/$ /usr/sbin/cvt_cyrusdb /var/lib/cyrus/mboxlist.txt flat /var/lib/cyrus/mailboxes.db skiplist
Converting from /var/lib/cyrus/mboxlist.txt (flat) to /var/lib/cyrus/mailboxes.db (skiplist)
fatal error: can't open old database

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