Problems upgrading from cyrus 2.1.18 to 2.2.13 on debian etch

Steinar Bang sb at
Tue Nov 27 13:53:02 EST 2007

>>>>> "Alain Spineux" <aspineux at>:

> On Nov 27, 2007 6:59 PM, Steinar Bang <sb at> wrote:
>> When I try to run the following command line from
>> /usr/share/doc/cyrus-common-2.2/README.Debian.database.gz
>> /usr/sbin/cvt_cyrusdb /var/lib/cyrus/deliver.db db3 /var/lib/cyrus/temp.db flat
>> I get the following error message:
>> fatal error: unknown old backend
>> What's unknown here?  The "db3" argument?  Or the format of the
>> deliver.db file?

> # /usr/lib/cyrus-imapd/cvt_cyrusdb
> Usage: /usr/lib/cyrus-imapd/cvt_cyrusdb [-C altconfig] <old db> <old
> db backend> <new db> <new db backend>
> Usable Backends:  berkeley, berkeley-nosync, flat, skiplist, quotalegacy

> maybe berkeley instead of db3  :-)

That fails with a different error message:
$ /usr/sbin/cvt_cyrusdb /var/lib/cyrus/deliver.db berkeley /var/lib/cyrus/temp.db flat
Converting from /var/lib/cyrus/deliver.db (berkeley) to /var/lib/cyrus/temp.db (flat)
fatal error: can't open old database

Is there any way of finding out what the format of the old database is?

> Also I advise you use your old tools to convert your db to portable
> format. 

The 2.1 tools, you mean?  Too late.  They went out when I apt-get
installed 2.2.

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