Murder in replicated mode

Diego Woitasen diego at
Mon Nov 26 20:31:02 EST 2007

On Sat, Nov 24, 2007 at 07:58:03PM -0500, Wesley Craig wrote:
> On 24 Nov 2007, at 11:05, Diego Woitasen wrote:
> >I didn't put these lines because rh-cluster1 is the master server. I
> >have only two machines, rh-cluster1 (master)  and rh-cluster2 (slave).
> >Is really necessary that rh-cluster1 mupdate_server parameter point to
> >itself?
> >
> >I'll try that on Monday, but don't make sense for me.
> I can see why it wouldn't make sense.  However, the imapd process  
> doesn't know it should communicate changes to the mupdate master  
> unless you have those lines configured.
> :wes

Good point :)

It's working now. I will publish the results of my testing in a few
days. I can't find to much information about this setup.



Diego Woitasen

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