LARGE single-system Cyrus installs?

Pascal Gienger Pascal.Gienger at
Tue Nov 20 14:57:21 EST 2007

Rob Banz <rob at> wrote:

> We went through a similar discussion last year in OpenAFS land, and
> came the same conclusion -- basically, if your filesystem is
> reasonably reliable (such as ZFS is), and you can trust your
> underlying storage not to lose transactions that are in-cache during a
> 'bad event', the added benefit of fsync() may be less than its
> performance cost.

Would'nt it be nice to have a configuration option to completely turn off 
fsync() in Cyrus? If you want, with a BIG WARNING in the doc stating NOT TO 
USE IT unless you know what you doing. :)

Pascal (in train of reconfiguring our SAN to make more cyrus checks)

PS: Putting deliver.db on tempfs seems to be a nice idea, but in current 
cyrus code you may not give extra paths to single cyrus databases. Our 
actual deliver.db on one machine is ca 600 MB tall, so it won't be of any 
problem to store it completely on tmpfs.

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