Maybe too much of a good thing?

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--On 20. November 2007 11:08:30 -0500 Ken Murchison <murch at> 

> OK, let me know what you find out.

Working on it.

> I didn't change the logic if/when SSL_accept() fails, because if its an
> SSL_wrapped process, there is nothing to fall back on (the application
> protocol hasn't started yet).  Perhaps your dial-in clients take longer
> than 3 minutes to complete the handshake.

No, because it fails *immediately*.

> Hmm, from this particular log, I don't see the debug message tellinng us
> that we're waiting for more input.  When I test locally (over localhost),
> I always get at least in "-> waiting" log message before the "-> done"
> messsage.

Sure, for the most part I get those as well. But there are exceptions. And 
of course in principle SSL_get_error() can return something unexpected the 
first time around. So that's what I'll be looking for.
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