Lars Schimmer l.schimmer at
Tue Nov 20 03:58:45 EST 2007

Scott Adkins <adkinss at> wrote: 

> Why can't vacation messages, or better yet, sieve in general (since there
> might be a use for something mroe than vacation messages down the road?),
> get its own database and not tie it in so much to duplicate suppression?

Oh yes, there is some need for sieve.
We sort some mails out with sieve.
Me personal sort mails with sieve into IMAP folders in cyrus based on headers.
I use different IMAP clients on different PCs, and I don´t want to let the
client sort the mails.
For office use we sort on base of email adresses into public folders.
In the end we don´t use the vacation function at all ;-)

Lars Schimmer

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